Area Code 263

    area code

  • a number usually of 3 digits assigned to a telephone area as in the United States and Canada
  • The Chinese Telephone Code Plan is the way to group telephone numbers in the mainland of the People’s Republic of China. Land lines and mobile phones follow different systems: land lines use area codes, while mobile phones do not.
  • A telephone numbering plan is a type of numbering scheme used in telecommunications to allocate telephone numbers to subscribers and to route telephone calls in a telephone network. A closed numbering plan, such as found in North America, imposes a fixed total length to numbers.
  • A three-digit number that identifies one of the telephone service regions into which the US, Canada, and certain other countries are divided and that is dialed when calling from one area to another


  • * The Goths invade Ephesus and destroy city and temple.
  • Country Code: 263 International Call Prefix: 00
  • 263 is the natural number between 262 and 264. It is also a prime number.

area code 263

area code 263 – PIR Body

PIR Body Movement detect Sensor Module–arduino compatible
PIR Body Movement detect Sensor Module--arduino compatible
Description: This PIR Sensor Switch Module detects the Infrared Rays released by human body motion within the detection area (6 Meters/20 feet). PIR Sensor: A PIR Sensor is a Passive Infrared Sensor which controls the switching on/off when it detects a moving target. The PIR Sensor senses the motion of a human body by the change in surrounding ambient temperature when a human body passes across. Delay Time Adjustable: 5 seconds to 18 Minutes. Once the motion is seized it sends a “low” digital value to the through the digital IO port of Sensor Shield. Demo code: int ledPin = 13; int switchPin = 2; int value = 0; void setup() { pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); pinMode(switchPin, INPUT); } void loop() { value = digitalRead(switchPin); if (HIGH == value) { digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); } else { digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); } }

Albany International Airport

Albany International Airport
FAA Identifier: ALB
Lat/Long: 42-44-56.8000N / 073-48-07.1000W
42-44.946667N / 073-48.118333W
42.7491111 / -73.8019722
Elevation: 285 ft. / 86.9 m (surveyed)
Variation: 13W (1980)
From city: 6 miles NW of ALBANY, NY
Time zone: UTC -4 (UTC -5 during Standard Time)
Zip code: 12110

Airport Operations
Airport use: Open to the public
Activation date: 03/1941
Sectional chart: NEW YORK
Control tower: yes
NOTAMs facility: ALB (NOTAM-D service available)
Attendance: CONTINUOUS
Wind indicator: lighted
Segmented circle: no
Beacon: white-green (lighted land airport)
Landing fee: yes
Fire and rescue: ARFF index C
International operations: international airport of entry

Airport Communications
UNICOM: 122.95
WX ASOS: PHONE 518-464-6423
ALBANY GROUND: 121.7 348.6
ALBANY TOWER: 119.5 257.8
ALBANY APPROACH: 118.05(194-011) 132.825(011-194) 263.075(194-011) 307.2(011-194) 118.05 127.15
ALBANY DEPARTURE: 118.05(194-011) 132.825(011-194) 263.075(194-011) 307.2(011-194) 118.05 127.15
CLASS C: 118.05(194-011) 132.825(011-194) 263.075(194-011) 307.2(011-194)
D-ATIS: 120.45 1-800-342-0120
EMERG: 121.5 243.0
IC: 132.825 307.2
NG OPNS: 122.775
WX AWOS-3 at SCH (8 nm NW): 119.275 (518-399-6586)
WX AWOS-3 at 5B2 (18 nm N): 132.025 (518-884-9289)

ASR ELEV 360.9 FT. CPME #1 43-00-42.9337 N/ 073-40-58.5457 W CPME #2 42-37-39.5825 N/ 074-00-36.9802 W MTI RY 28 42-44-58.9269 N/073-47-18.1644 W
Nearby radio navigation aids
VOR radial/distance VOR name Freq Var
ALB at field ALBANY VORTAC 115.30 13W
CAMr248/24.9 CAMBRIDGE VOR/DME 115.00 14W
GFLr207/36.5 GLENS FALLS VORTAC 110.20 14W

NDB name Hdg/Dist Freq Var ID
HUNTER 151/8.5 356 14W HEU …. . ..-
JOHNSTOWN 137/27.7 523 14W JJH .— .— ….
PHILMONT 006/30.0 272 13W PFH .–. ..-. ….
DALTON 316/32.5 370 15W DXT -.. -..- –
GREAT BARRINGTON 347/38.3 395 14W GBR –. -… .-.

Airport Services
Fuel available: 100LL JET-A
Parking: hangars and tiedowns
Airframe service: MAJOR
Powerplant service: MAJOR
Bottled oxygen: HIGH

Runway Information
Runway 1/19
Dimensions: 8500 x 150 ft. / 2591 x 46 m
Surface: asphalt/grooved, in good condition
Weight bearing capacity: PCN 70 /F/C/X/T
Single wheel: 140.0
Double wheel: 200.0
Double tandem: 400.0

Runway edge lights: high intensity
Latitude: 42-44.229870N 42-45.628430N
Longitude: 073-48.255330W 073-48.315955W
Elevation: 284.4 ft. 279.8 ft.
Gradient: 0.2% 0.2%
Traffic pattern: left left
Runway heading: 011 magnetic, 358 true 191 magnetic, 178 true
Declared distances: TORA:8500 TODA:8500 ASDA:8500 LDA:8500 TORA:8500 TODA:8500 ASDA:8500 LDA:8500
Markings: precision, in good condition precision, in good condition
Visual slope indicator: 4-light PAPI on right (3.00 degrees glide path)
RVR equipment: touchdown, rollout touchdown, rollout
Approach lights: MALSR: 1,400 foot medium intensity approach lighting system with runway alignment indicator lights MALS: 1,400 foot medium intensity approach lighting system
Centerline lights: yes yes
Touchdown point: yes, lighted yes, no lights
Instrument approach: ILS/DME ILS/DME
Obstructions: none 80 ft. tree, 2040 ft. from runway, 75 ft. left of centerline, 23:1 slope to clear

Runway 10/28
Dimensions: 7200 x 150 ft. / 2195 x 46 m
Surface: asphalt/grooved, in good condition
Weight bearing capacity: PCN 67 /F/C/X/T
Single wheel: 140.0
Double wheel: 200.0
Double tandem: 400.0

Runway edge lights: medium intensity
Latitude: 42-44.949025N 42-44.986620N
Longitude: 073-48.725473W 073-47.118110W
Elevation: 276.6 ft. 276.2 ft.
Gradient: 0.4% 0.4%
Traffic pattern: left left
Runway heading: 101 magnetic, 088 true 281 magnetic, 268 true
Displaced threshold: no 1202 ft.
Declared distances: TORA:7200 TODA:7200 ASDA:6780 LDA:6780 TORA:7200 TODA:7200 ASDA:7200 LDA:5998
Markings: nonprecision, in good condition nonprecision, in good condition
Visual slope indicator: 4-light PAPI on left (3.35 degrees glide path)
Runway end identifier lights: yes yes
Centerline lights: yes yes
Touchdown point: yes, no lights yes, no lights
Obstructions: 100 ft. trees, 1820 ft. from runway, 350 ft. right of centerline, 16:1 slope to clear
+4 FT ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT FROM RY END 440 FT LEFT. 249 ft. tank, lighted, 5074 ft. from runway, 250 ft. left of centerline, 19:1 slope to clear

Airport Ownership and Management from official FAA records
Ownership: Publicly-owned
ALBANY, NY 12211

Soporte para los nuevos codecs de video y voz HD

Soporte para los nuevos codecs de video y voz HD
Callware Voice Technologies S.A., distribuidor autorizado de valor anadido de firmas lideres de la industria de comunicaciones de voz y video 3G, automatizacion de servicios vocales, telefonia IP y grabacion para la gestion de la calidad en los Contact Center, anuncia soporte para los nuevos codecs de video y voz HD de banda ancha tras el lanzamiento del Dialogic® Host Media Processing Software (HMP) 4.1LIN de Dialogic Corporation.

La nueva version es un software de proceso multimedia de elevada densidad que ayuda a crear soluciones de comunicaciones innovadoras en plataformas Linux y contiene el software desarrollado por Dialogic® Media Labs para incrementar la calidad de video movil con mejoras en control del bitrate. Por lo tanto, esta actualizacion de software dota de excelente soporte para ‘native streaming’ del codec de video H.264 (aka MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding) y codecs de voz HD AMR-WB (G.722.2) y G.722.

Al anadir soporte para el codec H.264 estandar, el software Dialogic HMP extiende la capacidad de los desarrolladores de ofrecer soluciones de video streaming con tecnologia de compresion mejorada, que puede operar con un bitrate hasta un cincuenta por ciento menor que otros codecs H.263 existentes.

El software Dialogic HMP es ampliamente usado como motor de medios en muy diversas aplicaciones y soluciones, incluyendo mensajeria unificada, IVRs de voz y video, portales de video y videoconferencia, asi como en multitud de servicios de valor anadido en redes de proveedores de todo el mundo.

En el area de Voz HD, el nuevo soporte para los codecs AMR-WB y G.722 permite utilizar un extenso rango de frecuencias de voz que facilita a los “oyentes” recibir el sonido de forma clara, especialmente voces en el rango de alta y baja frecuencia, para aplicaciones VoIP y redes moviles con HD Voice.

Como el resto de versiones de Dialogic Host Media Processing, HMP 4.1LIN puede ser evaluado de forma gratuita. Contacte con Callware para obtener licencias de evaluacion.

area code 263

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT Aluminum Alloy Tripod Legs with Multi-Angle Central Column System
Alta Pro tripods have unmatched flexibility, stability and enabling more angle possibilities than ever before. Its innovative Multi-Angle Central Column (MACC) System allows users to move the central column from zero to 130-degree angles in variable vertical and horizontal positions making macro-photography and special wide-angle shots a breeze. The Instant Swivel Stop-n-Lock (ISSL) System securely repositions the central column in one simple movement, in just a few seconds, while maintaining the tripod’s stability. Other features include advanced camera vibration and shock control, legs that adjust to 25, 50 and 80-degree angles, patented premium magnesium die-cast canopy and head, hexagon-shaped central column for extra stability, and non-slip, spiked rubber feet for changing terrains and a removable hook for hanging camera accessories. Alta Pro 263AT is aluminum alloy and has quick-flip leg locks.


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